LS Oil Pan Rear Sump


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LS Oil Pan Rear Sump
Sump Location: Rear
Pan Material: Aluminum
Sump Style: Wet
Gaskets: Not Included
Stroker Clearence: 4.125in
Pan Depth: 6in
Oil Capacity: 7Quarts
Baffle: Included
Windage Tray: Not Included
Pickup: Not Included
Oil Dipstick: Not Included
Description: K&M Hotrods fabricated aluminum LS oil pans are just what you need if you have crossmember interference issues on engine swaps. Available in both front and rear sump configurations with an anti-slosh gate to keep oil at the oil pickup even in the most extreme conditions. Setup for remote oil filters with large AN-10 fittings.

SKU: KMH-81004-R

Price: $300.00

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