K&M Universal Fit Aluminum Radiator


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K&M Universal Fit Aluminum Radiator
K&M Universal Fit Aluminum Radiator

Radiator, Universal, Aluminum, Natural, 30.750 in. Wide, 19.563 in. High, 2.25 in. 2 row. Thick, Each

We've seen too many race engines destroyed before their time because of insufficient cooling. That's why we've created our own brand of racing radiators to handle the special cooling needs of race engines. K&M HotRods universal fit race radiators are available in 1-row or 2-row designs with high-capacity 1 in. tubing to out-cool common 4-row copper-brass radiators. We also gave the radiators furnace-brazed, all-aluminum construction with aluminum water tanks, tubes, fins, and headers for reduced weight. On top of that, they also include a heavy-duty machined filler neck. If your stock mounts won't fit, we offer a set of universal mounting brackets designed to fit these radiators.

Notes:  Radiator does not have a drain petcock.

SKU: KMH-380331

Price: $159.99

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